Antenatal Classes

Pregnancy is a time full of wonders, emotions, questions, and excitement. What is happening to my body?
What shall I expect when labour begins? And where shall I give birth? What What could my partner do to
support me? What do we need for baby, what is not necessary?

Together with my colleague Verena Grüber I will answer these questions in our Antenatal classes. Your
partner will be there as well. If you concerned because your German might not be efficient enough,
please contact me so we can think about a solution.

  • Time? Tuesday, 7.00pm – 9.00pm
  • How often? 7 times running
  • Where? Möllner Landstr. 2, Glinde
  • Fee: Women’s part will be payed by the insurance whereas partners will be asked to pay €90,-

Current course dates as well as application is going through my colleague Verena Grüber.