Medical Services

A lot of people believe that midwives only help within labour and giving birth to your baby.
The truth is, that midwives accompany you during pregnancy, labour and within the first
months after your baby has been born.

I also offer courses within pregnancy as well as after pregnancy. If you ware worried about
language barriers please feel free to contact me so we can work out a suitable solution.

Even if questions arise concerning contraception after your pregnancy I am happy to answer them.

Within my work I focus on you as a family, your resources, as well as your background.
I am aware that cultures can be very different and I will do my best to help you finding your
own way. If you would like, I can support you and your baby with homeopathy.

My work area includes the following towns/districts:

  • Oststeinbek
  • Glinde
  • Barsbüttel
  • Reinbek
  • HH-Bergedorf incl. Lohbrügge

In Germany most of the things midwives offer is payed by the insurance. If you are insured with
a private insurer it might be better to contact them and ask what they offer.